Bring Learning to Life

Revolutionize Space Technology

Business major Cody Rosa leveraged his futuristic internship with SpaceX into a full-time role at the rocket and spacecraft company’s headquarters, where they’re commercializing space travel for everyday people.

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Land a golden internship

Digital communication major Thea Domingo landed a hyper-competitive internship with the Grammys, where she met last year’s nominees from the director of La La Land to the songwriter behind 30+ Top Ten hits.

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Portrait of Hunter Ryan

Rise Above the Crowd

Diversifying his experiences near and far, business major Hunter Ryan is building a sought-after resume—from filming documentaries to interning in Thailand to studying in Italy.

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At Marymount California University, you’ll explore, create and do more in real time.

Intern in your field

Want to be a detective? Learn from the pros about how to investigate, interview victims and witnesses, and make a case.

Thanks to our industry connections, the number of students with internships has more than doubled over the last 2 years.

Turn your business plan into a startup.

Corner the “craft-brand” food and beverage market with your own take.

A freshman-year business plan project might just launch your biggest idea.

Research a new drug for patients.

Partner with biology and chemistry students to test possible treatments for diabetes. This multi-stage project replicates how pharma companies move the needle in patient care.

Your professors connect you with projects where you can put professional skills to work in real time.

Get an insider look at different industries.

You might study logistics models at the Port of LA, recidivism issues in prisons, photography techniques at the #1 lighting studio in LA or family nutrition challenges in social service agencies.

Many courses will take you beyond the classroom for on-site learning.

Study for a semester in Cyprus.

Eat a gyro like you’ve never tasted before. Live with roommates from diverse backgrounds and universities. Take side trips to Poland, Turkey or Greece.

Choose from five study abroad programs around the globe.

Reel life

How do you make the leap from movie nut to movie maker? Scoring an internship documenting a Tokyo-to-San Francisco swim. See how Dominique Vazquez did it.

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Jacqueline Cootes

Getting psyched

Captivated by understanding how people think, see how psychology major Jacqueline Cootes brushed up her science skills to land her spot in USC’s dental school.

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Up to the challenge

Criminal justice major Arielle Acosta traded MCU’s challenge coin during three tactical internships with law enforcement agencies. See why it was the ultimate token of respect.

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Small means more

More time for your questions.

Average class size is 17 students.

More focus on your talents.

People know your story and fuel your potential.

More connections with faculty.

Build a mentor for life and make moves for your career.

More unique approaches to class.

From dissecting issues in mini-circles to on-site industry explorations.

More chances to prove yourself.

Your professors give you just the right nudge to push you further.

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