High Flyer

Cody Rosa
Business major

How can a college student play a part in revolutionizing space technology? Business major Cody Rosa leveraged his futuristic internship with SpaceX into a full-time role at the rocket and spacecraft company’s headquarters, where it’s commercializing space travel for everyday people.

“I’m getting exposure to one of the most dynamic companies in the world,” he says. “And getting to be part of a truly inspirational mission.”

Real from the start

Cody’s Marymount education linked him to real-world business from the start. During his first internship, his independent thinking showed a newspaper company how to save $10,000 through recycling. He trailed where unread newspapers disappear: the trashcan.

Then he pitched to several local newspapers how they could fix a big net loss for their companies while cleaning up the environment. His solution: turn unread newspapers into pulp used in shipping crates.

That led to an invitation-only sustainability/engineering summit in Germany, where he was the only business major. He directed seminars on business planning and networked with German experts on reusable energy.

After learning the ins and outs of trading as an intern at a financial services firm, he landed his five-month internship at SpaceX, where he worked on a variety of strategic projects to maximize efficiencies in its supply chain.

Cody Rosa in front of a Space X Rocket
I’m getting exposure to one of the most dynamic companies in the world. And getting to be part of a truly inspirational mission.

Start-up of his own

He also hatched a start-up idea during a freshman business class, and he’s been refining his business plan ever since. When his still-secret-but-already-trademarked company launches someday, will it do for food and drink what SpaceX is doing for space travel?